About the Campaign

Teachers can make a Difference is a campaign that assumes teachers as change-makers in the community schools of Nepal. With a coordinating role of District Education Office, Sunrise Education Foundation leads the campaign in association with different stakeholders of education, including the teachers union. Academicians, journalists, government agencies and the not-for-profit organizations who are concerned the existing education conditions have joined this campaign. This campaign mainly centers on the audio-visual technique to show the change in schools and motivate teachers how they can work for good. This campaign has already reached out to 30 districts of Nepal with the follow-ups in 5 districts. Reform in the program could easily be seen in the video before and after the program.

There is a negative public opinion and distrust on teachers that they have evaded from their professional boundaries. They have been blamed for putting politics before profession. This campaign envisages filling gap to show how teachers are the agents of change. We believe that this will create a public trust towards the community schools.

Our motto : Teachers can Make a Difference is linked with the future of children and their better future. For this end, we aspire to create a humane, time relevant and practical education in community schools by a united effort.

Mission: Launch the campaign Teachers can Make a Difference’ to the far and wide in the different districts in Nepal.

Objectives: The main objective of this campaign is to boost the morale of public school teachers and cultivate strong work ethic among them by presenting the dedicated ones as the role models.

  • To motivate the teachers of public school in Nepal as the change-makers.
  • To boost up the morale of dedicated teachers and inspire them to promote the good teaching practices in community schools.
  • To create conducive environment for the potential teachers, identify and address their challenges in consultation with the headmasters, District Education Office, experts and other stakeholders.
  • To ensure maximum participation of stakeholders in the education sector and ensure a long term sustainability.

“Teachers can make a difference” is not just a campaign confined on its regular programs. An ardent and determined group has been working with this campaign after they came to notice the dismal state of education in the community schools. This group wants a collective will and determination to bring change in the performance of community schools. Regular meeting has been arranged with the organizations of teacher’s union to uproot the limitations and bad practices. The campaign integrates a wider combination of national and international bodies including the Education Minister, Education Secretary, Head of the Department, Regional Directors of Education office, District Education Officers, Resource Persons, School Inspectors, international and national nongovernmental organizations, the umbrella organizations like Federation of Community School Management Committee and other stakeholders.